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logologo andrew 'andy' brant 27, he/him
the excitable dog-type cartoonist, husband to his high school crush, claire. he spends far too often between three things: being a workaholic, giving his entire heart to his wife, and engaging in cartoons. he's always enthusiastic about his interests, and tries to make an effort to practice whenever he can. has a big heart and enjoys spoiling others. when he's not preoccupied with work, he's usually invested in games with his friends.
logologo claire brant 28, she/her
second of the duo, the reserved bestselling author, and wife of andy. is excited about niche interests, but often shows them more quietly than andy... except when it's something she's VERY excited about. often the voice of reason and cares about her husband deeply, though she isn't above teasing him now and again. she often has trouble articulating her feelings, but people close to her often know exactly what she's thinking.
logologo lydia maro 29, she/they
claire's fun loving and protective friend. becoming friends through the same agent, they often trade industry knowledge with each other. lydia takes pride in her work and would vouch for and hype up anyone who's in her corner. she treats andy like a younger sibling and takes pride in having authority over him.
logologo charles 'chip' stylus 27, he/him
andy's college friend and graphic novelist. an aussie with a soft spot for his favorite couple, he often decides to ditch work just to hang out with them. loyal to a fault and is always avaible to lend an ear to the people he cares about. tends to be busy, but also... is somehow always online.